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Using Jing Pro and Youtube to screencast

Here is a method to create quick learning modules and tutorials using Jing and Youtube.

Why it is Cool!

Jing lets you record a screencast, and Youtube provides a free and very accessible repository for your recordings.


Jing is a quick way to create a screencast. A screencast is just a video recording of your screen. This is a powerful way to visually demonstrate a concept or tasks as you run through them and narrate.  A possible application would be to create an Enhanced PowerPoint, that is a PowerPoint with narration and annotations; you would simply open your PowerPoint run through your slides and record it with Jing

What you will need:

  • Jing or Jing Pro –
  • A microphone
  • A Youtube Account


  1. Setup a Youtube account and channel. If you want to control privacy see ….
  2. Download Jing Pro –
  3. Setup the Youtube share button

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